Pratyush Das

I am a PhD student in CS at Purdue University, studying compilers, advised by Professor Milind Kulkarni.

I am currently working on compiler optimizations for sparse tensor operations. In the past, I also spent some time on speeding up MapReduce using staging compilers.

During the summer of 2023, I interned at Apple, working on a custom target and runtime for the Swift programming language.

As an undergrad, I interned with Princeton University for multiple years, on software for High Energy Physics. During this period, I was a core developer of two software projects that found significant adoption in the Physics community - Awkward Array, a library for irregularly shaped tensor computations, and uproot, a python re-implementation of I/O for Physics data motivated by interoperability with other existing Python packages. I also made significant contributions to the following LLVM based projects - Enzyme, Cling and Clang.

My CV can be found here.




I have TA'd for the following courses at Purdue University: